Brand X Lighting WIP

Scene/model taken from the lighting challenges.
This is still a WIP - caustics not yet done and could do with a few more lights.

Render time (on my very slow laptop 2min5sec)

Here's a view of the rig so far, 1 directional light and using Final Gather with some image based lighting, also using the white planes (primary visibility and emit/receive shadows off) to add a little more to the reflections/ lighting (appearing more like studio work).

I also had a play with some Lens/output shaders and gave the mia_exposure_photographic shader a go with these settings;

It produced these results which I kinda like, with some more tweaking I think it will be a pretty fun shader to use - it added 1 second to render time.

and after amb_occlusion pass + some colour balance/ noise in PS;

(model by Anthony Thomas)

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