Tutorial: Importing to Sculptris

I'm planning on writing a tutorial on creating a 3d statue/sculpture with multiple models to build up the overall image using only completely free software but thought I'd start with moving models from Maya to Sculptris just as a starter;

Find Sculptris for free here: http://www.pixologic.com/sculptris/

Why use multiple models?

As there isn't the ability to create layers or use zspheres it can be tricky to make a complete figure from 1 base sphere. If you can create full models from the base sphere you get from loading a new scene you'll find it can give you an extremely high poly count.

Using multiple models allows you to concentrate and practise if starting out (remember it won't be usable in games/animation really, sculptris is really just an entry level/free flow practise tool but will get you going with digital sculpture/ moving to something like Zbrush). You can take them in to your selected 3d package and put them together like a multi-part action figure to render.

Again as a note this is just for practise and for proper modelling use regular 3d techniques or build it in zbrush/ use the GoZ feature in zbrush.

I did this in Maya but this should work with all main 3d programs. I'm going to work on doing one for Blender as well for the completely free route (using only open source/free software)

Step 1:

I only use the 3d programs (I use Maya) to make a very simple base model to work on as if it were a basic trad sculpture armature. I build it out of basic geometry (in this case a Cylinder with a few simple rotations and scaling) then before exporting I Triangulate it (Not sure if this is needed any more but you used to need to when exporting as .objs for some sculpting software).

Step 2: Exporting

You should just be able to export as OBJ in whichever 3d package you use. If you are specifically using Maya you may come across an issue where OBJ isn't visible when trying to export. If you have this go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug in Manager and make sure OBJexport is loaded/auto loaded (see image below)

Step 3: Importing

Nice simple step - load up Sculptris and go to import - tick New Scene. It may ask you that UVs are loaded, Go to paint? Tick no. Make sure symmetry is turned off. Remember when importing tools like grab will have Global switched on as default (which will make the whole imported model move) - to turn this off untick Global (or with the tool selected press 'g' to toggle global < a good shortcut to remember!)

Step 4: Sculpt!

Sculpt away! The imported models will be a workable 200-9000 triangles generally if working with simple models which will give you loads of room to add detail without crashing the software or your pc! Just remember to use reduce selected or the reduce brush now and then to keep the triangle count low and to allow you to use those saved in more detailed parts!

Not going to teach people how to sculpt but will do a tutorial on the basic tools for people if needed. Here's what I knocked up in 10 minutes with the imported model. My main idea is to do a Warhammer Style Ork eventually. Very basic R.Leifield style arm (muscles on muscles!)

Hope this helps get you started with sculptris anyway! Using the sphere alone is great fun (see examples in posts below as they were all from spheres alone).

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