Lizardman colour tests

Just a quick update on the lizardman concept I was working on. If you didn't see it here was the initial paintover.

I started adding the frills / horns and tested out some legs (the legs and arms I'm going to change but I wanted to test scale).

I started a rough colour paintover after completing the frills. I wanted to try blending some colours and used some Iguanas for reference (the head was based on iguanas, it's where I got most my lizard reference from)

I really wanted to add a lot more colour to my work as usually, especially with my inspirations alot of my sculpting work stays grey or very pale, almost pastel colours. I think colour is something we avoid a great deal in 3d work, games and film together. It's something which is challenging but I think I'm going to keep at it and make a few characters that really pop out.

Below are the paint test videos, these are polypainted on top by hand, mild detailing done with one of the default zbrush alphas and a few of my own (see below for some of my own rough alphas, taken from some of my photos)

Finally on to working on ideas for clothing/armor. I'm looking at a contrast in colours so may use a mixture of dark leathers and some dull black metals. I also want it to be minimal, likely just armbands or a shoulder piece one side so the body and head really shine through.  I'm going to make the arms and hands slighly more human then the same with the legs (as I'm finding the legs slight too equine or satyr like).

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