Book Overviews - things to come

This is a very very quick blog update.

I've been wanting to do this for a while but along side my own progress updates for my 3d/ photography I want to now start doing book overviews for art/3d/photography books. These could be guides/how to style books or art portfolio books.

I want to treat these overviews not like reviews but try and explain who these might be most useful for, my favorite sections of the book and maybe even my own goes at techniques shown in the book.

I'll try and gather all these together on a separate page as well so that people can go back to them and check them when available.

The reason for doing this is I think that there are so many options for self learning out there but not all are directly useful if you are wanting to specialise or trying to find a particular route/style in your own progression. I also hope I can show some of the work that inspires me in doing this as over the past few months I got a tonne of awesome art/photography books from true masters of their arts.

I hope these will be beneficial to people and I'll try and get the first one started over the weekend. I'll be starting with books I already own but if people have any book suggestions or want me to cover any particular book please let me know and I'll see if it is possible.


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