August sculpts and sketches

Been doing a lot of photography this month. I'll be updating my facebook page with some of the shots but will be doing a few photo diaries here from the weekends away.

Here are some of the sculpts and concept scribbles I've done in the past week or 2;

 Above: This was an attempt to get my speed sculpts a little more polished looking. I find even though they are fast they all end up a little soft so made an emphasis on polished faces and a more edgy look. For that I chose Red Skull in this 1hr 30 doodle.

Here is the turntable and timelapse;

Below: I wanted to do a Conan bust based loosely on the comics/books rather than the film. Basing it heavily on Frazetta's look and taking influence from Tim Bruckner's awesome bust. I started with a head from a sphere and did a quick paintover to see how it was going.

Below: From there I've started roughing in the chest and hair now on him and will add accessories soon.

Here it is from a few angles;

Finally this was just a doodle on the ipad actually on a bus and car journey in to the country. I did it on the ipad with an app called procreate and just fingerpainted. Good fun, just finished it off with a snapseed filter (another app).

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