Sculpting: Real clay tests

I've never used clay aside from that 1 foot done in air dry clay many years ago (the photo is on this blog somewhere). But I really wanted to give it a go. A sculptor friend came round with some air dry clay and I gave it a go!

The 2 above were with new/air dry clay. I made a rough armature from an upside down water bottle (hence it's narrowness) and used mostly loop tools and my hands to get a humanoid face going on. It was great fun and nice to see the techniques I've learned in 3d sculpting follow over to real clay.

As my interest is in figure/comic statues I also bought some super sculpey. I'm hugely inspired by loads of sculptors but some of my fave statue/kit sculptors are the Shiflett Brothers and they use super sculpey so thought I'd give it a go! I'm sure the clay is slightly better quality across the pond but I'm having some great fun with this stuff so far! Really fun to work in and use and it hasn't dried on me yet.

Below is about an hour in to using it. It's about 2ish inches in length.

This is after a couple more hours. I tried smoothing the forms a little although currently have no rubbing alcohol yet to really smooth it down. I'm getting there with it and plan on doing some more heads and other things over the next week or 2.

Overall I'm happy the skills transferred ok and I'm super addicted now! I have a tonne of fantasy art books on the way and I want to have a go at working on some busts or even an attempt at a full figure in clay eventually.

Finally here is a video of the head as it is so far;

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