June Sculpt Sketches/Crunches

Sorry for not updating. Been away and very busy at work. That hasn't stopped me sculpting though! Here are a few done over the past month or so;

Above: Torso study based on an imagine in the 'Anatomy for the Artist' book.
The history timelapse is below;

Above: An attempt at a more animated/ hard surface stylised creature. Wanted to get some hard edges in there for the nose.

Above: Tried working off a concept image but it failed. Just started sticking objects on the side of him as he was meant to be a future/cyborg style character
Below: Refined the eye a little. I'm starting to see common errors in my anatomical work, namely making the cheekbones/cheeks too pronounced and pushing the eye too far back in to the socket. 30 mins reworking and I was a little happier with this.

I also have 2 new books. Eduoard Lanteri's Sculpting the Human Figure and Zbrush Character Sculpting Vol.1 from 3D total. Both are excellent and I recommend them both highly!

I'm starting to see more areas to improve on and getting more comfortable with the software now. With a bit more work I'm planning on taking a course such as Scott Eaton's for anatomy. In the meantime I'm going to be getting a couple more books and one of the new Stan Winston School dynamesh tutorials found here; after payday next week!

Absolutely hooked on sculpting now, after more confidence in certain areas and slowly improving I'm hopefully on track for making my own toy or statue next year! (just as a personal project). Each of these were maybe 1-2 hours each (The bottom one was about 2hr30 just as I went back to tweak the eye). The Lunchcrunch philosophy is really helping me focus on the sculpting. Getting much more done with it!

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