Zbrush: Recent sculpts/ crunches

Ok This is a bit of an image dump post but these are Zbrush sketches/crunches done in the past month. Some I carried on to paint and such but nothing ott. Most stuff done within 2 hours.

 First up was my version of Martian Manhunter from DC. This was done in about an hour, I just wanted to try out some comic bust ideas and how to work with curves to create new geometry for the collar.

Below: I was taking a lot of reference from some old native American photos from the late 1800/early 1900s and gave sculpting one a go. I took ages trying to work out how to do hair but it still didn't work well but I'm happy with the face. Took symmetry off very early for this one which I enjoy doing.

Above and below: This was a portrait attempt using Ray Stevenson (Rome/Punisher Warzone) for reference. I really wanted to do a Punisher bust so I think he has a great face for it (regardless of what people think of the films). Took symmetry off pretty early in this one as well (hence the image below's angle, I hadn't actually started on his right ear!)

Below: 45 min sculpt of some finned warrior style dude. The fins were actually using the IMM goblin set (They were originally goblin feet!)


Above and below:  This was an Orc/Goblin, based heavily on the LOTR style look. I wanted something to try my alphas on again although wanted to do more with building on the alphas with further sculpting a little more. Forgot to paint a few teeth (the paint job was pretty quick just to get an idea).

 Below is probably one of my favourite ones. This was from a cylinder after checking some speedsculpts on youtube. About 45mins-1hr but happy with the result. I wanted to show the process off for this but it deleted my history when I split the eyes in to a new object using split groups (Will learn that for future reference!)

I'm currently trying to work on some ideas I can do quickly for characterised/animated style full characters, something similar to simple collectible vinyl toys just for a test (and to get me to try doing a full model!)

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