Photography: 85mm First Shots at Blarney Castle

New lens arrived a couple of weeks ago! These are a couple of test shots taken at Blarney Castle.

The lens is the 85mm Nikon 1.8G

I bought it for use with portraits mainly but I think it is a great lens for other shots as well. I took it around Blarney Castle on a very cold Saturday. Here are some of the results;

Below: I love the sharpness and bokeh that can be achieved from the lens. It did take a few shot position changes as I've been mostly had my 35mm on my camera for so long now (another lens I love, particularly for DX/crop sensor cameras)


Above: It's funny but I tend to shoot more landscapes with anything but superwide lens'. I think it has a perspective which feels it can be walked in whereas for me superwide can seem a little distorted/trying too hard to emulate the eye rather than the view (personal opinion/taste)

Below: Katy with the D80+50mm 1.8


Below: this photo was 4 photos stitched together with the 85mm. I've started stitching a lot more photos together as I can keep the same lens on and usually get a less distorted image than using a wide/superwide.

Overall I love it!

 There have been a few minor gripes with the lens however which I think was just a bit of unluck/could happen to any lens but the AF needed tweaking. I didn't realise this as these were literally the first shots taken but as I was zooming in on images to check sharpness I noticed unfortunately where my focus point was it was off by quite a bit.

Checking online I noticed it can be quite common with some lens/camera mixes and I have now got it fine tuned using the simple AF fine tune on the D7000 itself. The next blog post will explain how I did this myself and show some before/after test results.

Now I have it working as well as I can I have a few shoots to do this week then at the weekend I'll take it out and try to shoot some portraits!

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