Zbrush: Recent crunches

I've been busy with building and launching my new website. It is now up and you can check it here!

It will just have my photography work on there but I still have a keen interest in sculpting. Over the past few weeks and months I've been doing some 1-2 hr crunches taking inspiration from the Lunch Crunch group created by Danny Williams. It has really picked up there with nearly 1000 users now.

Here are some of the recent crunches done by me. These aren't great but I find restricting time down to 1-2 hrs I get more productive work done than if I spend hours on it.

 Above: a head sculpted in abut an hour. Got the basic form in a sphere and worked on a non symmetrical sculpt. Insert multimesh curves used for easy cables
Below: A torso sculpt done by adding major muscle forms as dynameshed spheres and cylinders. It bulked it up quite a bit so maybe a good technique for a comic style action figure.

Above: An alien sculpted originally from a broken mannequin. I added arms and the thighs with insert cylinder. As it was a dynamesh with project on a lot of detail could be kept.
Below: Here was the forward history of it to show the original error and carrying on from there (just in case other people find they have times they feel nothing is going right, it is always worth carrying on to see what you get!)

The above was a frogman alien concept, a simple sphere. My goal here was to make something simple to test my own alphas I had made. It worked pretty well!!

I'll continue to sculpt. I have just been looking at the new zbrushworkshops.com and signed up there (although just a free account currently). It seems great and has some great starting points which I'm going to look at and test!

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