Zbrush: Head crunch and sculpting plans

These shots are from a recent head sculpt/sketch.

There was no reference but the more I worked on the mouth and brow/frown the more I aimed it towards DC character Black Adam. This was done in just under 2 hours from a dynamesh sphere.

I wanted to concentrate on areas around the mouth and the eyelids after watching some basic anatomy sculpting lessons from Ryan Kingslien. I recommend everyone who wants to sculpt sign up here for free to get some basics down.

Plans for sculpting:

I'm currently working on a photobook however I intend to work on a comic bust from scratch. I plan to do Ray Stevenson's version of Frank Castle in the Punisher: Warzone movie just as a comic bust (maybe on top of a Punisher Logo). This is a personal project and I want to note down/show the challenges along the way for other people interested in that area from a relatively new starter approach.

I chose this character simply as the face has strong character to work from and the head and body have a nice clear separation to allow it to be done in chunks easier. The jacket is a relatively basic shape so less work on body anatomy which is good for now.

More info soon anyway!

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