Zbrush: Dynamic pose tests

This week I've been setting some time aside to practice some Dynamic poses for full figures. I've always wanted to progress my sculpting to the level of working on a comic or pop art statue (maybe get it 3d Printed when I'm at a good enough level).

I'll probably be getting some real armature rigs set up for testing (as I'm dying to test real clay, so many great influences such as the Shiflett Brothers) in the meantime I took advantage of the Mannequin tools in Zbrush 4 and above (might even be in 3!)

These are very simple to move around and duplicate so good to give a basic idea of shape and form. It is great for prototyping shapes (particularly if you have a basic idea in mind). I also found that it provided a fun puzzle when using comic references to see where all the hidden limbs go while still feeling dynamic and fluid!

Above: This was the first test, I wasn't using reference and didn't really have an idea but it ended up looking a little by a stiff arm done by an American footballer, this was also to test adding basic objects to the scene.

 Below: The first comic based test. This was intended to be Batman and Robin. I was trying to work off a silver age batman image in which he is throwing a Baterang. These classic throw poses always have great curves but in 3D it looks a little awkward. With the cape though if I added one I think it would add to the overall curves and flows of the object.

Below was a test from a comic panel from the Infinite Crisis, in which 3 Generations of flash try to take Superboy Prime in to the speedforce. Here is the panel I got the main reference from (also checked out general 100m sprint poses;


Finally, I always wanted to see a Captain America statue where he dives through a window or similar, this made me think about how to make something which could potentially be supported if I made a physical sculpt/print of it. So here I worked with that in mind and have him diving in to a load of Hydra agents (I'd probably add one or 2 more). 

This is my favourite as it's the statue/pose I've been thinking about before this task. I'm thinking of taking this forward as a custom sculpt as although it contains a lot of models all Hydra agents look the same! Now I have the base for the shape and form I could work on the models separately then bring them in to a new scene allowing for a little more control.

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