Sculptris: Lunch Crunch 1 hour Torso Study

This was the first time I've limited myself timewise for a sculpt. I set aside 1 hour of my day to just focus on sculpting. I initially didn't like the idea of doing speed sculpts or similar (after always seeing the end result from artists it's very easy to feel you mayswell not try with some of the talent out there).

But after watching a webinar by Danny Williams regarding the reasons behind doing a limited time study (He uses the term Lunch Crunch and there is now a community based around this study ethos found here It really does allow you to focus on the task. I could prepare my references and for that hour just get something done.

Here are my results. This was done in Sculptris (see the image below).

  I used 3 spheres, 1 for the abdomen, chest and shoulders. To add new objects in sculptris just go to Add Sphere > Add object. It will automatically mask out the other objects in the scene so you can get a basic shape. After getting the basic shape just using grab I remove all masks in the scene by ctrl+click dragging anywhere outside of the object. Originally I used to just make everything from 1 model in sculptris thinking blending wouldn't really work as you might get with a dynamesh but the results aren't terrible.

Above: Click for full view

Using a clay brush you can go around the visible seams and it will give the effect of blending the object. The great news is though that your individual objects can still be hidden (h+click on the object you want to hide). Also if you want to mask individual objects again just add another sphere to the scene. It will let you seperate them again for more detail if needed.

For rendering the sidebysides and turntable I just used GoZ to take it in to Zbrush. From here I added a custom material (I like the cavities to be visible in best and regular movement). To make it one object I just used Dynamesh and set the res to about 500 (Really not needed for this low detail model but it was just for a quick render). I also used claypolish>Edge 5 then re dynameshed just to get rid of a little artifacting which will happen when moving stuff from sculptris to zbrush.

I really recommend people giving this a go anyway! You don't have to upload everything as nodoubt some days will be better than others but render it off anyway just to see progress being made! 

I intend to keep this up as we can all spare 1 hour in the week at some point! It's funny as I seem to have got more done dedicating just 1 hour so far than if I hadn't but had my sculpting programs open for hours.

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