Madeira: Roadside Landscapes

Ok couldn't resist! Here are a few more shots from brief stops on the roads in the valleys.

D7000 35mm 1.8

Above: The 2 shots above were on the way to the north coast through the Nun's Valley. Just love seeing all the different micro climates around which show such a diverse landscape. Almost Thailand mixed with Scandinavian forests.


Above: Tiered landscapes fill most of Madeira, people build where they can, housing or storehouses as close to the crops as possible.

Below: The final resting place of my sunglasses :( RIP knockoff D+Gs. One of the many waterfalls around the Island.

Below: Quick snap in the bus at the top of one of the valleys. Just loved seeing the mists roll over, reminded me of landscapes you might see in an 80s fantasy movie


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