Madeira: The Levadas Walks

These were taken on some of the famous Levadas walks on the Island.

Taken with D7000, 35mm 1.8 lens

The Levadas are the aqueducts created to send water from the mountains down to the drier areas. There are loads of different walk trips available, most walks are about 6-8km but there are ones shorter and longer depending on your own tastes.

If you don't have a car to get around most tours cost about 20-30 euros which will take you to the location for your days activities. A lot of these are so different it is worth doing a few (we did a couple of different ones along with a jeep tour).

Above: Along the walks you may come across some of the locals that live up in the valleys. Home made honey and knitted stuff! There are also a tonne of vineyards around the Levadas due to the perfect climate. The locals grow on every bit of fertile land available.
Below: Our jeep heading off after leaving us at the start of the walk. We met up with them again later in the afternoon.

The below photos were taken along the way to the walks, just out of the jeep for a little break. These were higher up towards the highest peaks on the Island. There is something very Jurassic Park about the Island which is awesome! (I think a lot of people think it's just a place for old people but there's plenty to do there! Lots of mountains and cliffs! There are even activity holidays there for climbing, abseiling and such )

 More Madeira photos to come! Around Funchal (the main city)

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