Panoramas of Madeira

Here are some panoramas from my recent trip to Madeira, a really nice island off the Moroccan coast.

These were stitched in PS and taken with a 35mm 1.8 on a D7000 (lens distortion removed before stitching in Lightroom).

Click the images for a larger view!

These are quite narrow due to taking them Landscape at the time (they needed to be taken pretty quickly as it was windy up the peaks so not too much time to think. Hope you like them anyway!

I bought Lightroom 4 on the way back from the trip, just waiting for the postal delivery (got it retail, cheap on amazon at the moment). I'll give it a full test and review as soon as I get it. I've been using lightroom since 1.4 and have enjoyed using it since, I'll be testing the other shots taken in Madeira with it.

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