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Getting back in to sculpting. While I have Zbrush I still find it more fun to use Sculptris. It is a little easier to get to grips with as a beginner and is a little more forgiving.

Above: Working on a bust compiled from references of old 18th century busts, large references from Ben Franklin (may eventually turn it in to a direct Franklin bust).

The biggest thing to learn for me is using masking. It dramatically helps with work and is something I believe beginners miss out. In Sculptris to mask you hold control then click on the area you want to mask, then if you want to invert the mask just ctrl+click anywhere outside of the model. Clicking and dragging outside of the model will then remove the mask!

Below: A Night Elf druid. This was sculpted earlier in the year. Seperate spheres for the hair, beard, ears, eyebrows and antlers. References used from a World of Warcraft action figure

I have GoZ to use which I'll test out with the top bust (as I'll be adding clothing to the character which may not be possible fully in Sculptris alone). I'll post some GoZ tests at a later date.

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