Softbox Portraits

I bought 2 Softboxes a while back and never really used them (only set one up when I first got them) so I invited a few friends over for some portraits. I wanted to practise using the SB800 speedlight as an off camera flash which I find quite tricky to be honest.

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Most of the best shots were just from the continuous softboxes, they even worked great for some low key shots. Here are my favourite shots from the day anyway!

Equipment used: 2xphotosel softboxes (you get get them pretty cheap off Amazon, no frills lighting). D7000, SB800 (sometimes with a paper bag over it to diffuse it a little more!), 35mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8, Tamron 70-300, medium sized reflector. I took a few with the Marexar lens from the last post but it was a pain to shoot with and the images sucked!

I had my flashgun off camera and used my onboard flash to drive it in Commander mode. I still don't know the full settings to gain full control over it but it worked pretty well!

Above: I was testing shooting with flash when someone is wearing glasses, the flash was slightly behind and bouncing off the reflector.

Above: Probably my favourite shot of the day!  The softboxes really help blend the skin tones

The reflector at an angle just to light the underside of the jaw to get a little definition. Ideally I'd have liked to get the same light on the back of the neck as well possible with another reflector or a very weak kicker.

 Above: Plug in shot! Doh :(

Below: Using the reflector as a background with the flash bouncing off it.

Thanks very much to my friends for being test subjects/guinea pigs! It was a good shoot and can't wait to try more!

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