Fota Wildlife Park - Aug 19th

These were taken at Fota Wildlife Park, Cork (Website here)
Photos taken with a cheap Tamron 70-300 (probably worth about £100-150 tops).

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Above and Below: The Meerkats are a new addition this year and just near the Entrance, they are awesome! Very playful as well so plenty of chances for photos


Below: This cheetah was pouting a bit as a wallaby ran by and it couldn't eat it. 
Tip: For these shots as there was green gauze in front I made them black and white and then dropped the tone of the green. As they were already out of focus (due to being in front of the cheetah) they vanish!

Above and below: Ostriches, I'm honestly not sure if the ostrich below was blinking or actually blind in that eye.

Below: This is a Patagonian mara (kind of like a hare mixed with a deer). This particular shot was in pretty low light so tried some good camera handling techniques and got a pretty sharp shot for 1/60 at the widest aperture for that lens (f5.6)

Above and below: Little Jackdaws (In think) looking suspicious on a thatched roof

 Above: Mother and daughter, wallabies. The cool thing about Fota is these guys are just running around.

 Above: Finally a giraffe doing a myspace pose for me. I'm sure they'll get loads of followers now!

It was pretty overcast so warmed some of these up a little. Tried some camera handling techniques to ensure I got sharp enough shots at the lower shutter speed.

You can see my previous trips on the blog (here is one of them!

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