Fota house and a fountain

Shots from around Fota house. If you are going to Fota Wildlife park you may as well take a walk around the House and gardens. The gardens themselves are free as well so worth a visit!

Lens used: 35mm 1.8

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I'll be posting photos of the flowers and plants in a separate post but for now here are some shots of the great trees in the area. Some of these are pretty rare and very old. Great for black and white shots. I love seeing the contrast and textures on the trees.

The above shot of the branches is probably my favourite shot of the day, the tree itself was awesome, I wasn't sure if all the branches and vines were from just the 1 tree or maybe another overpowering it.

Below is actually from the park in the centre of Cork City. I've been living in Cork for a few years now but never been through the full park (note this isn't Fitzgerald park, which is the main large park near the University). Thought I'd throw this in there as well! Enjoy :)

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