Cork: English Market

A couple of shots in and around the English Market in Cork City.

I wanted to do more practise with indoor and mixed lighting conditions. Most of these I upped the ISO to 800 which is still perfectly usable on the camera. As a note yes you're going to see grain in something like lightroom when fully zoomed in using a slightly higher ISO than usual but the photo as a whole will still be perfectly fine.

35mm 1.8

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Above: Just on the way to the English market, a few buildings overhanging next to the Lee river. Wonder why nobody has bought that yet?

Above and Below: The olive stand is probably one of the best looking stands in the Market, I wanted to keep the warm tones that surround this part of the market, some really nice reds from the chillies.

Below: The famous fish market (when the Queen visited there were a few good shots of her and the owner having a laugh). The mixed lighting in this was a bit challenging as the yellows were blowing out the shot in the first few tries. I switched to manual white balance (setting the k) and dropped it to about 3500 so the blues popped out a bit to get a nice mix of blues and yellows

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