August 10th - Sunny day!

Not sure if everyone knows but the weather in Ireland hasn't been great for saying it's summer. We've maybe had about 7 days in total over the past 2-3 months where it hasn't rained. While it was nice and sunny managed to get some nice shots of our plants. Also I found the Marexar-CX 28-200mm 3.5 lens which fits on the d7000. I've had this lens for a while after dad picked it up/found it at a car boot, its taken a beating but still works!

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The 2 shots below are using the Marexar-CX 28-200 3.5. As said earlier this was essentially free to me, I think my dad picked it up years ago along with a load of broken unused cameras from the 80s for about a 5er (I've just checked ebay and you can pick them up for about 20-30 quid, I'm in the money!). I have no lens cap for it and its taken a few dints and knocks over the years. It still works though! In my previous post I showed how well it works for faces giving a nice soft image in lower light conditions. I wanted to try it in full light with a wide aperture. 

These 2 photos are directly from the RAW file, just to see the results without editing

The first image shows some crazy glow off the highlights. Although this isn't what you want in 99% of photos I kinda like the effect. I know a lot of lomo fans would probably get a kick out of that and I'm sure it will have some uses (if I ever want to shoot some early 80s b-movie or something)

Below is a focus test taken with the lens. I was impressed with it. It's still a little blown out which may partially be might fault but the edges of the leaf are sharp enough and the colours are great from it!

It's a bulky lens which may not work on all cameras, I don't really think it was intended for Nikon use originally either so take care if you fancy trying it. But if it does fit I think you'll have some fun with it! I will test it out in portrait shots in the near future as well and report back how it works for that.

Nikkor 35mm 1.8g shots below. The 35mm is now dropping in price so it is worth picking up while it stays cheap! It seems the 50mm 1.8 is rising in price, both are great but for me the 35mm is better suited to my shooting. I took just the 50mm to my trip to Lisbon and when shooting in the streets everything was just a little too close (although I am shooting with a crop sensor)

Here are a few shots of our tomato plant, it's growing well and we have our first ripe tomato! 

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