Around Barryscourt Castle

Barryscourt Castle in County Cork is pretty cool. It is free to walk around and also there are free guided tours inside the castle itself. You can find more information about it here.

Above: The gate to the Orchard, it wasn't open to the public when we got there as it was about to close.

Here are some of the shots taken walking around the grounds and inside the castle itself. Where we had parked didn't give the best angle to shoot the castle itself so I have left those pictures out but be sure to check out some pics or go yourself! (It's free after all!)

Lens used: 35mm 1.8

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Above: A view through to the Orchard itself, used the gate to prop the camera up!
Below: The Cafe just closing up, looked really nice though

 Below: Inside the Castle itself - The items were a mixture of reproductions and the original things (from around 15th Century)

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