Zbrush tests and Indoor evening photo

Just a few more tests with zbrush, working out the matcap tool/ materials, modifying existing ones and creating my own. Remember clicking enlarges the image!

 Above: Creating a simple rock face using terrain 3D tool with claytubes + crumple, Testing cavity detection with a sketch matcap.

Above: Using the base tool from the previous post (the clay head) morphed it then used a mixture of brushes. Initially used to test my own custom matcap material. I added noise to the mesh and then worked on rendering to get a cool swamp thing style look.

Finally, I also went to test out a new lens I bought (more images to follow). This was in low light conditions at a local esports event. Got a few good images out of it but this is my fave. I don't usually shoot in high ISO but it was worth trying as I want to get better at it for evening travel shots later in the year. This was shot at 1/60 with 1600 ISO.

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