Sculptris: Torso Study

Base mesh done in Maya based on a quick tutorial found in the book 'Zbrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy' by Scott Spencer - You can find it on Amazon here

The book itself is great for learning how to sculpt anatomy (I have no real traditional training so learning as I go). Although it is based around using Zbrush the same sculpture lines /techniques still basically apply.

I just started working on the torso for a heroic/comic style character and kept proportions in mind.

With a base mesh done and a basic form created you can just start tweaking with the grab tool to make quick prototypes for other body shapes. (Click images for larger view)

The preview render style I am showing here is just a few different materials (still in sculpt mode) rendered out and layered in Photoshop. I then make a smart layer and duplicate that, one of the layers I apply a cutout filter (then choose soft light as the layer type) for a hint of cel shaded/hand painted shadows then the other I created a very think glowing edge using Filters> glowing edges. You then switch the layer type to linear dodge(add) or Screen for the desired effect.

Have a play around yourself anyway, enjoy!

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