Sculptris: Paint with bump

There is a great option in sculptris when painting which allows you to pain with bump. By default this is turned on but can be found in the options menu (when in paint mode go to options > combine color and bump).

This tool is great for perhaps adding small parts of detail such as nuts/bolts combined with a texture or to add emphasis to areas. A darkened seam would work well with this style or if you want to closely follow the bark of a tree texture you have you could paint the colour with it.

I've been using it mostly to create some simple planets using the default sphere. All of the highlights are just gained from the bump map (no sphere deformation done)

Finally a little more base geometry sculpting. This time from a horn created in maya (originally I was going to make a bone horn for a demon model I am working on but the mind wandered).

Hope you continue to enjoy using Sculptris, remember it's completely free so give it a go!

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