4/3/2012 - The Moon in daylight.

f16 - 1/320 - ISO200 d7000 300mm

If you're looking to get a good detailed picture of the moon take your picture an hour or so before dusk. It will allow you to shoot at a higher F number which will give less blur at that distance.

I use a 70-300mm tamron lens for these shots. You also have the ability to drop the saturation/blues to make it nighttime if you want.

Shooting later may require longer shutter speeds which with telephoto lens' will cause motion blurs even if you're using a tripod due to the movement of the moon.

There is a great page here with maximum shutter speeds before you get light movement when shooting planets/stars;


That guide is to deliberately make star trails but just stay within those boundaries with your particular lens to make static images! :)

The above shot was taken by hand at about 6pm from my balcony. Adjustments made were; Sharpening, Saturation, Brightness/contrast tweaks and white balance.

Give it a go during daytime anyway! Enjoy!

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