Sculptris statue: Colossus part 3 - the Head tests

Still working on this but I've started to work on the head and test some face shapes.

I started out with an extremely simple (it ended up being a little too simple) basemesh composed out of a cube with 2 extractions.

I was hoping the cube structure would make it simple to convert to Colossus' head from this but I didn't even add proper proportions and after smoothing it went a bit wrong so pretty much ended up smoothing it in to a flat faced sphere and built the face then rounded it after.

I tried to use the flatten took particularly on hairline, eyebrow 'mounds', cheekbones and nose just to get his cubic feel. He looks a bit like a 40 year old version of Colossus but this is the first test so I'm pretty happy with it.

After doing this I thought I'd test a pose using the 3 sculpts created. The idea I had was maybe him leaning in to bust down a wall/door or having 1 arm up in defense while holding off others to protect them. sculptris is good as you can add other scene files as shown before to test different poses and such. The image below works out at about 215k polys and there were no crashing problems so far which is great!

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