Sculptris: Chest from imported model wip

Carrying on with the previous tutorial theme I made a simple cube in Maya then moved the vertexes in to the shape below. I DELETED HISTORY then this time as my model was already Quadrangulated I thought I'd see what it was like to import straight in to sculptris as an OBJ, it worked!

Here's what I ended up sculpting using that base mesh;

I then added the arm created in the previous scene just to see how it looked and it didn't look too bad! I've decided I'm going to work on a sculpt of Colossus from x-men so this is a good example/practise shot!

I changed my material to a metallic one then instead of using the crease tools for the lines (which would have upped the triangle count substantially) I went to paint mode with both objects and painted an inverted bump. Hopefully I'll refine/neaten this technique when I start to work on the proper model!

All in all this took about 30-40 minutes so I think it is really good for concept modelling. Give it a go! (remember you wont really be able to use these for games or animation, adding multiple items can be a bit of a bodge job like the arms but no harm if just for fun/ one particular angle!)

Update above!: Just tested out meshmixer07 another free piece of software to extrude parts of the mesh to make the clothing to test it. Just a quick painting test will work more with both packages properly soon!

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