Photos from a Free Lens - Marexar-CX 28-200

My dad used to buy as many cameras/accessories from car boot sales as possible, usually picking up old box brownies or similar for about £5-10 each at most (giving me some of the duplicate or broken cameras he had). Along the way people tended to just give away the rest of the photo gear they had just to get rid of it.

After moving to Ireland I only managed to take 1-2 old camera bags with me (one of them containing a Bolex 8mm clockwork movie camera!). One of the bags has an old 35mm camera which needs some repairs and a lens which didn't fit it. the mystery lens fits my nikon though!!

The Marexar-CX 28-200 3.8 is a manual lens, the nikon doesn't recognize it (like the recent fisheye I bought) however it works fine in full manual mode. It has no lens cap and has taken a battering, nice heavy duty lens though looks like it could take a few more. From what I could tell the CX range was made between 84-94. Online reviews seem to be pretty positive about the lens! I was just surprised and happy it worked, I'm impressed with the results! Will give it more of a test soon. Here are the tests shots I took with it: (shots were from hand so may be a little motion blurred, ISO was quite high just to test it indoors)

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