Progress and Sketching

I've not posted in a long time, been doing a lot of photography work, ranging from Wildlife photography to shots in Lisbon (will upload a few of them on here shortly) as well as working on a new portfolio website - progress can be found here .

3D wise I'm currently using the program Sculptris and will do a couple of tutorials/ show some of my work since using it later this week.

Also as part of 3D work I'm currently going through the Maya Studio Projects: Dynamics book as a kind of top up to the degree (been a while since doing more detailed particles and since university moved to Maya) - you can find the book here

I'm currently working through the flames section (previously done the cloud of dust/ volcano project). I will be working through the whole book, hopefully then will link a couple of effects together to get a little test reel done.

Finally today I've been sketching today, Just thought I'd upload it as is (just changed the contrast/ colours slightly not going to colour or digital ink it yet).

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