Prints and Filters

Finally got some of my shots taken last year printed (got a few from the year before printed as well). Mainly did this to check how they looked enlarged and I'm generally pleased with the outcome. I did have some ratio issues with my shots which caused some cropping issues (for the smaller prints I didn't mind as they were at a test size, unfortunately enlarged the one of Potsdamer Platz in 24x18 instead of 24x16 so there were some big cropping issues there (not shown on the photos taken of the prints).

By the way if anyone is interested in buying one of my prints feel free to contact me, drop me a message on here or similar.

Above: The shots used to test printing. A mixture of B+W, HDR and standard colour corrected shots minimal cropping issues.
Below: Prints framed 10x12" had to crop the shot on the left a little tighter than I wanted and let it a little too dark but overall happy with the outcome.

The biggest challenge I encountered with the printing was looking for suitable frames. Most frames in retailers had only up to 10x8 or standard ratios, frames that required 12x10 or 24x16 were a little harder to find here although a local hardware store can provide them (as well as an Irish frame company online).

Also this week I bought a new filter for my Cokin Filter system, A ND8 (neutral gray). Using this along side the other ND8 Gradient as I'm wanting to get some long exposures near the coast over the next few months. Here is a test shot taken earlier with them (and a circular polariser attached).

Finally this week I looked back on an old digital painting I was working on (studying digital painting and faces) and worked a little on colours and balance with the image. Here's what I ended up with.

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