Back in the Studio

Last week went back to university to help a friend with a VFX project. This time being a character in his VFX shots. It was great to see the studio again (the last time I was there was when shooting parts of my final year projects and learning Flair Motion Control camera software and general studio lighting).

Now the studio is fully set up and is looking great. For the shots he needed Gareth used a combination of the motion control camera and used the scissor lift with a camera attached to it.

Above: working on the second shot, while the light in the monitor looks a little flushed the lighting balanced the greenscreen well so a decent key can be taken from the footage.

Above: The Scissor Lift with the camera being attached. This worked well as a replacement to a Jimmy Jib which was out of action at the time of filming.
Below: The Scissor lift in action in a practise shot before the actual shoot.

This week I did a little photography, mainly setting my D80 in Aperture Priority mode to shoot in b+w, although as it is in RAW format it still keeps the colour data. This is mainly for personal preference as I used to shoot largely in black and white and it helps me visualise images a little more. Here's an example with a shot taken earlier today.

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