New Year!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and New Year!

I am starting the new year with more specialisation in mind. I have recently purchased a years subscription to The Gnomon Workshop and carrying on with the Boujou tutorials on there first, as well as referring to Tim Dobbert's great book Matchmoving: The Invisible Art of Camera Tracking

I'm aiming to really specialise in matchmoving this year as not only did I enjoy it at university but like Lighting and Rendering it incorporates a lot of previous photographic techniques learned.

I'm currently working through some little tests with the footage from the book as well as the footage from the Gnomon DVD - Boujou 1: Tracking a Crane Shot

I have the footage still that my workmate shot for me as well which will be excellent for more tests. The advanced lighting and rendering techniques learned in the previous course will help a great deal with final renders and I'll also get some breakdown shots. I'll be uploading progress throughout anyway.

For now here is some a photo I took a while ago but finally got round to editing it. I took it around the time I only really did black and white photography so I thought I'd load it back up from my old memory card and see how it went. Anyway Enjoy!

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