Just a quick post. I currently have a nasty virus/bug/food poisoning thing at the moment and I've been in bed and off work for the past week or so. During the time I've not even been able to get any 3D stuff going but I needed to do something to take my mind off it.

I had some clay I bought over summer and still hadn't used it so I got it out and for the first time ever I tried sculpting.

Aside from the few little tries at making things (my original plan was to make Christmas decorations for a tree which went a bit pear shaped). I tried making a foot using a simple wire base and building on top of it. I have now found out you are meant to fill out the wire bone/base with something like tinfoil to give it more form so perhaps I might try a torso using that technique in the near future. Here's where I got anyway;

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