Modelling a Car WIP

Currently I'm modelling a car (Alpine Renault 1600 SC) in Maya. I'm doing this to get back in to the habit of modelling and having a manageable project I can do on my laptop (my is still not ready yet).

I gave up on the outdated tutorials for box looking cars as I wanted particularly to do this car. It has a little character and also has a lot of nice fluid lines and contours.

I'm poly modelling it from reference (2d blueprints and I made some reference curves to so I can flesh it out/ keep the contours).

This is the first attempt at modelling a car and I'm finding it quite challenging but fun. I'm currently getting the basic body down, then going to work on other parts such as bonnet, trunk and windows. After that I'll redo the door and add lights and bumpers. Finally I'll start working on the interior (a very simple chair , wheel, dashboard) as well as tyres/wheels.

Here's my work in progress so far;

car wip1 car wip 2

car wip 3 car wip 4

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