Updating older work

I managed to find an old memory card I used for shooting a few years ago which still has all the photos I took in RAW format. I thought I'd go back to them today and use some techniques I now use within adobe Lightroom and Photomatix Pro. Initially although they were shot in colour when I originally uploaded them (they are still in an older gallery) they were all monochromatic simply because I've always been more comfortable shooting for/in B+W. Now I'm a bit more experimental with colour so here are the results;

Today I also found a couple of books in a second hand book store.

Berence Abbott - Masters of Photography

The Book of Portrait Photography - Jorge Lewinski and Mayotte Magnus

They should be good for some reference work when painting / designing and I've always been fond of Abbott's work, especially as he started as a darkroom assistant to Man Ray (ended up doing similar experimental work at college when I did A level photography).

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