More doodles

Here are more sketches I did in the past few days. This week I've also bought myself a sketch pad for the upcoming Drink and Draw in Cork (hopefully a regular thing) with a Daler-Rowney graphic pencil set.

Today I also bought This:

Street Sketchbook

by Tristan Manco

It's a great book packed with sketches and work from a lot of street artists (although I wouldn't call it Graph art more like modern graphic design).

I'm going to try and work on more cartoon/simplified characters this week and some full body sketches and try a bit more lighting skin tones when painting digitally.

Above: More work on lighting, starting from an orange/peach to navy/purple gradient.
Below: Sketching Judge Dredd. I went for an older style Judge (Mike McMahon possibly?). I think I still prefer just the standard black and white one here. Took a photo of my sketch and went over it on the Wacom. Thankfully my new sketchbook isn't lined!

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