More 50mm photos

Taken yesterday around the local area.

wall The discussion Berries

I tried taking a range of photos allowing me to work on different techniques with aperture.

Finally I bought a new top loading case for the camera so I can take it around with me and take some quick photos.

Up until now I've been using this, the Lowepro Fastpack 350 . It is great for generally transporting my camera and laptop. As a generalist it is the perfect bag to carry everything at once in a neat, organised backpack (It's great to take to weddings with the laptop in the back to show clients during their reception some of the photos as a little bonus for them :) ). It's downside is that it is far too bulky and hard to get too if taking out on a normal day of shooting/snapping. I've been noticing this more now I've been going out with just one lens (price for the bag €50-80). So I've bought this now;

This is the Lowepro Topload Zoom Mini . It's relatively cheap (<€30) and is sturdy/ good enough quality. Easy access to it and waterproof it's ideal for me while I'm doing some 50mm tests, the only downside is there isn't enough room for my flashgun but currently I'm not needing one outdoors. It doesn't fit my telephoto lens in either so it's a good thing I don't use it much. It fits in my 18-70 and my 50mm fine though (when they are attached)

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