50mm Lighting Tests

Some tests done earlier with my 50mm lens (Nikkor AF 1.8) for lighting. Slowly getting back in to photography and forgot how much I enjoyed the 50mm.

The Wooden dummy is something I'm going to model in Maya for some matchmoving tests for my showreel. It is a relatively simple model which will allow me to put a lot of effort in to texturing while not killing my laptop. My PC should also be arriving in the next month so I can really get started on the showreel. Until then I'm planning out my scenes for the new demoreel now on paper and in 3d. Here's my new revised (ideal) showreel idea;

  1. Intro - Name, contact information, website - Generalist
  2. 3D street scene - Static camera - Arabian marketplace - sunny daytime to stormy dusk - simple dynamics and lighting rig - breakdown of passes and dynamics.
  3. Matchmoving - Live action footage of desk with 3D animated wooden dummy - breakdown of composite layers.
  4. Dynamic experiments / tests - Re-rendered university final year project tests as well as re-rendered elemental effects.
Ideally I'm aiming for my first real showreel ready to send to companies to be no more than 1:30-2 minutes which should be ample time to show breakdowns in full and allow a long enough look at each animation.

I've been doing a lot of sketching recently to plan out this work as well as do more simple sketching of characters/ objects etc. I'll photograph some more and maybe paint a few tomorrow if I have time. Expect some of the very simple/basic test shots for the showreel within the next few weeks (just boxing out scenes and getting lighting ready).

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