Wacom doodle tests

This week I've been able to give the Wacom a go. I'll mostly be using it for Zbrush but have been having a little play around with it and doing some doodling. I've also picked up a few of the Andrew Loomis books online in PDF format. They can be found Here. I've always no matter how many books I've looked at still not been able to draw a head properly (well, lets just say draw in general :P ) so now I have the Wacom I'm going to be doodling a lot more and getting my core drawings skills up. Coming from 3d/cg lighting from photography as opposed to art there are some definite challenges I have when it comes to the art/design side. I'm hoping continued drawing + colouring will help keep the creative juices flowing and add some more real/2d art to my portfolio.

Here are a couple of my first tests with the tablet;

Above: A zombie character. I quite like the sketchy/rough style it seems to work well with zombies. Artists like Aadi Salman used a similar rough technique (although more with paint) for the Silent Hill comic series.

Above: Model posing reference from my anatomy book
Below: An evil character, loosely jokerish with a touch of 80s anime glow!

3D wise I'm currently relearning UVs and have started modelling some simple objects for an 'Aladdin' esque street market scene. I'm going to use the tablet to create some organic touches to the textures I make, possibly even sculpt some wear and tear on the objects. A rough sketch/doodle with be up of that soon as well.

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