Zbrush digital sculpting

I have rarely had more fun testing out/ 'Hobbying' as my lecturer used to call it than when recently trying out digital sculpting in Zbrush. It has got me hooked and I intend to learn this along side my current modelling / lighting tasks. It may slow my initial learning down but it is great fun and is helping me get more of an interest in organic modelling.

Above: My First attempt at sculpting a face from a sphere. No references.
Below: Adding ears and some room for the eyes (need to work on ears!). No Reference

Zspheres have been interesting to use and my first attempt at using them ended up with an interesting male torso a little heavy chested. As a note I find it best to create the base torso using zspheres and moving the body in to a basic shape then using the adaptive skin (default 'a' when still moving zspheres) and altering the density to 3-4 and getting the basic shape down. After this I create the polymesh3D and save it as a tool. Although I remove quite a bit of flexibility of the zspheres moving the character after doesn't seem too hard and I can start upping the poly count more.

Above: A turntable of my first attempt at a torso. No reference.

All of this learning has inspired me to buy an anatomy book. I bought Anatomy For the Artist a DK book. Plenty of pictures and character studies in there. Next week my goal is to create an anatomically correct model. Maybe even attempt a whole body (albeit a simple one).

Finally for those also interested in trying it please remember instead of saving the document you save the tool. I lost the above torso after wanting to do some more work on it today. I must have saved the document in error. It gave me another go at creating one from scratch though.

Above: my second attempt at a torso. No reference.

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