Fresh Start

Firstly, I apologise for my lack of content since I've started this blog. My plans to complete a masters straight away changed after a bit of financial bother. Instead I am now working for a popular online games company (in the customer service area). This job allows me to work on my portfolio and actually encourages movement within the company.

I have now started to settle in a little here ( I had to move country for the job) and so I'm making it my goal to create a new portfolio showing the skills I've learned.

I've decided although my interests are lighting, particles and rendering I need core modelling skills in order to show these off so I've recently gone back to the drawing board and have started learning Maya again from the ground up. (I first used Maya in around 2001 but 'moved' to XSI at university). I've also started working on new projects that will go towards my final portfolio this year. My plans are to emphasise my lighting, texturing and rendering within the scenes I create and to composite some of them in to a real world environment. My particle work will not be neglected in this (especially as my final year at university centered around particles).

I intend to use this blog to show my learning and improvements as well as show you some of the films and shows that give me inspiration and ideas for my own work. I will also be posting up photography as I am keen on learning new techniques with the camera as well (as well as lighting techniques as soon as I get a proper lighting kit here).

Thank you for reading this and hope you stick around for the work to come!

Here are a couple of photos I've done since the last blog.

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